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Management and human

As a manager, his focus is on existing effective resources available within their own scope of management (including: human resources, material resources) optimization and reasonable control in order to achieve effective use of resources to maximize the value maximize the effective management, effective management team to maximize the efficiency of extremes. So managers how to make their work closer to goal? I believe that: Management is the soul of its inherent flexibility, to be based on the purpose of managing its external rationality, institutional management is its adaptability to the environment, management lies in the development of its own can. This is managed itself has characteristics. And its characteristics is through reflected in the management process for persons and things. Look back at the road traveled and foreign business success is not difficult to draw a conclusion: the essence of management is the management of people, because people are those who manage only reflect, but only the will of the people is reflected in the materials management and dissemination the media were. (Here should, management, was regarded as mutually independent objects factor). Known as the "god of business," said well-known entrepreneur: National Prosperity that people have is that the demise of the country's people, sages, has long been out training; retrospect, can be a bit uncomfortable. The success of running a business, not to be denied, and the rule of the same reason, whether appropriate personnel arrangements. Thus, people-oriented management is only the starting point.

Talk can not solve any real problems. Then the manager has come through what managers do? System! As I have spoken to the management of the system lies in its adaptability to the environment. We know that the system itself is a constraint on human behavior and motivation. The management can not do without the participation of people, people in which they play a different role, and the role they play is relative and interchangeability. For example: Today you are my leader and perhaps one day soon I will be your leader; you manage me and I also manage other people and so on. Thus, the whole process of human management is through the system in the context of constrained and incentives, coordination and implementation of the system process between people. Performer can be seen, and to be bound by the system, the same one motivator - people. Thus reflects the man-system, in turn, the system has constraints and to motivate people contradiction. That is only in this context contradiction exists between the two will continue to promote and develop. Continuous improvement in the performance of the system and the people continue to adapt to the system, which confirmed the existence of this contradiction is reasonable. At the same time the existence of this contradiction has been reflected in the emerging problem, which is the driving force behind this small loop

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