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S9-M series sealed oil-immersed transformers

Oroduct Overview

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S9-M-30-2000 / 10-type sealed oil-immersed transformers for AC 50Hz, rated working voltage of 10kV and below the power system, as petroleum, metallurgy, chemical, textile, light industry and other large enterprises and dust place distribution transformers.

Type Meaning

Working conditions

Installation height: altitude does not exceed 1000m;

Ambient temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃


1, the core

Ferromagnetic core is made of high conductivity cold rolled grain oriented silicon steel. Type iron core of the heart, miter joints convolution type core, its legs of circular cross-section multi-step, the yoke and the core of constant section.

2, winding

Winding around the oil using corrugated road, not dipping process, tightening belt lashing; windings are concentric coils; high voltage winding has a corresponding voltage requirements tap tap tap lead to the switch, the switch is mounted on the cover, and the need after cutting off the power supply before converting voltage tap.

3 Full protection

◆ 30 ~ 2000kVA transformer equipped with a pressure release valve;

◆ can install gas relay with alarm and trip terminals according to user needs;

4, oil temperature measuring device

◆ transformers are equipped with a glass thermometer seat tube, seat tube located at the top of the tank, inserted into the oil 120 ± 10mm;

◆ 1000 ~ 2000kVA transformer mounted outdoor type signal thermometer;

5, the transformer tank

◆ transformer tank constituted by a corrugated wall, the surface coating of dust, paint firm. Corrugated fins not only has a cooling function, and with varying volume of the transformer oil "breathe" elastic functions, corrugated fins may compensate for the temperature movements caused. Therefore, there is no conservator sealed transformer, the transformer reduces the overall height;

◆ When encapsulated transformer using vacuum oiling process to completely remove the moisture in the transformer, the transformer oil is not in contact with the air, effectively prevent oxygen and moisture intrusion transformer performance degradation caused by transformer insulation and transformer oil degradation may be, it is not necessary on a regular basis oil sample test.

The main technical parameters

Note: 1. For the rated capacity of 500kVA and below the transformer load loss slash the table above values apply to join the group Yzn11 Dyn11 or load loss slash Yyn0 below values apply to join the group.


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