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S13-M series sealed oil-immersed transformers

Oroduct Overview

ZHE JIANG BOGUANG ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. has been committed to product quality control and enterprise management "manufacturing high-quality goods, integrity service" is always our commitment to the customer. The company produces crystal sales of customers is the main power supply bureau, the company (hereafter called sacsc), mechanical and electrical equipment company, best-selling domestic provinces and cities autonomous regions, many times by the national key factory, export Europe and Africa southeast Asia etc, in use process to get the user high praise!

Product Overview

With the continuous development of China's economic construction and the improvement of people's living standards, electricity load increases, an increase in transformer equipment, bringing increased energy consumption and noise, polluted urban environment, for the world are calling for and working to reduce energy consumption, improve the urban environment. S13-M series three-phase distribution transformers used in construction than the current urban and S9, S11-type compared to the average no-load loss decreased by 50% and 30%, respectively, the noise level dropped 5-8db.


S13-M-type distribution transformers for three-phase 50HZ, 10KV voltage power distribution systems for industrial and agricultural power distribution, power and lighting. Especially in urban reduce noise, improve environmental quality and reduce the cost of electricity to run favorable.

Type Meaning

Structural features

1, the overall layout of the main idea is summed up in S9 and S11 design experience, based on the reliability of the product in the first place, to ensure that products meet the electrical properties, mechanical strength and heat capacity, and other requirements.

2, the core using 23ZH100 high permeability silicon steel laminations structure.

3, high and low voltage coils are made of cylindrical wound.

4, the body of the structure and assembly are made of mature S9 type of product structure.

5, fuel tanks and cooling components rectangular corrugated tank, 2000VkA and 2500kVA according to user requirements can choose fixed or removable expansive piece radiator tank.

6, component selection S9 and S11-based products proven components.

The main technical parameters

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